Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Does Indomie Cause Cancer

There is no limit to the human capacity for hope. Whatever the actual status of what we want and wish beyond our tangible reality only if it is nature divine, completely unconditional, can be commensurate to the desire, the thirst for the infinite that overwhelms the heart and spurs.

And if by chance was definitely nothing that is on the other side, what to say in this case would in any case not be termed infinite, borderless, since its opacity with respect to being, its mutual untraceable, are absolute ... If not that prove precisely nothing small effervescence that stirred in the foam of being, the subject that emerges in fits and laboriously into existence. Heads and tails that inevitably turn their backs, but not beyond the knowledge or foreshadowing at least one possible both from the side of the existence, it is the military camp where our consciousness. I want unlimited

ours. Can only be fed and supported by the persistence of the self that does not require the bulwark of a spatiotemporal prison. In the persistence and experienced, if not in full knowability. Human food is divine, we can get him in our body size, even on a purely intuitive announced. Such is the communion, symbolically, the fact of acceptance of being as food support and awareness, mortal and strippable.

ambitions we want to inhabit a timeless drama, eternal. And in that expectation disordered in the flesh where Christianity is excessive Humanity projects fulfilled, the promise alive and present, tangible and always able to return at desire, when it seems already resigned inexorably doomed to dissatisfaction. The Christ is born, is present, dies, resurrects, returns and appears, ie live, persist, unending tour circuit in the hope of man. Other religions need a magnet inscrutable, distant, static, unchanging. Not have this urgent and unsettling ability to reflect human, wound thus embody the live time, bleeding and exhausted entirely at the peak of death, eternity and redoubled presence.

As the wounds of the passion, hollows revealed to be a disciple unbelievers fingers, and the silence, emptiness, the absence is as beyond childish and naive faith, or rather, built precisely on its foundations, as he said, leads again again and again, by the way of hope. Roto


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